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Breast Enhancement

Breast Implants, also known as breast enlargement or breast augmentation, involves using silicon or saline breast implants (we prefer to use saline) to fulfill your desire for fuller breasts or to restore breast volume lost after weight reduction or pregnancy.

Have you decided that you really want a breast enhancement but don't know where to begin? Please see below all the information you should need to get going. If your curious about what size implant you may need, why not watch the video below, with our " At Home " tecnique on how to size your implants?



Please watch the below video below to see how you can surgically measure yout breasts at home.

Us Caring for You

At Enhance Clinic we pride ourselves on our caring and helpful approach to all our prospective clients. We want our clients to feel comfortable that their wants and desires for their breast surgery are fully met, whether its a natural look they are after or even a particular shape or size.

With breast augmentation surgery becoming more and more popular, and a high expectation of a natural look and appearance, our professional staff & consultants are highly skilled and trained within this field and understand each intricate part of this complex procedure & process. Together with our surgeon, Dr Les Blackstock, you will guided from your first consultation through to the procedure itself and also the post-recovery phase, from the first initial phone call or email our consultants are dedicated to your needs.

The decision to undergo breast augmentation is a very serious and delicate process, involving both physical and emotional strain. We understand that all clients want as much information as possible and the opportunity to ask questions to empathetic staff. Whatever your concerns or interests we will endeavor to met them fully so you can make an informed, stress free decision.


Incisions are carefully placed, and with the aim being to hide them, in the creases under the breast or placed in the skin around the nipple. Typically most women find that they or their partners don't notice the small scars made under the breasts. The scars from implants heal well and should ultimately be a fine, white, barely visible line.
Our aim is for minimal scarring. Our scars range from approximately 2 - 3cm in length for saline implants and 4.5 - 6cm in length for silicone implants. The length of scarring for silicone implants does vary according to the size of the implant.

Implant Position

All potential clients having breast augmentation surgery will have to consider the question, should I place the implant below or above the muscle?

Implant placement depends on the amount of breast tissue available to hide the implant to ensure it cannot be seen or felt. Generally those with minimal breast tissue benefit from sub-muscular (sitting under the muscle) placement to provide more cover above the actual implant thereby preventing visible rippling of the implant. It seems that behind the muscle placement is superior from a mammogram and ultrasound imaging point of view. Sub-muscular placement also can reduce the risk of capsular contracture.

In general, it is preferable to place breast implants behind the muscle so that they are partially covered. This usually gives a more natural shape. When placed above the muscle, the appearance and shape of the breast can appear more rounded and appear unnatural, although this is becoming more popular with woman who prefer the 'beach ball' look.
Speak to your consultant about the best option for you and your lifestyle.

Implant Type (Saline or Silicone)

Summary of advantages and disadvantages of Silicone & Saline Implants, we dominantly utilise Saline implants due to the smaller scarring and variable sizing:

Saline Advantages
-Scarring is smaller, even with larger size implants.
-Rupture is revealed immediately.
-Less pain for recovery.
-Cost less than Silicone implants.
-Saline breast implants are available to women age 18 and older for breast augmentation, or women of any age for breast reconstruction.
-Leaking saline solution will be absorbed by your body without posing any health risks.

Saline Disadvantages
-Sometimes the feeling of saline movement can be experienced.
-If a saline breast implant ruptures, the implant will deflate — causing the affected breast to change in size and shape.
-Complication of infection inside the implant during filling.
-Some people can experience change in temperature of the breast implant depending on the season.

Silicone Advantages
-Leakage of silicone gel is not so common.
-There is no sound phenomenon by moving.
-Less movement of content.
-Gel feels more like breast tissue.
-A ruptured silicone breast implant may eventually cause breast pain or changes in the contour or shape of the breast.

Silicone Disadvantages
-It is more difficult to diagnose a rupture.
-The price can be up to 50% higher.
-Silicone implants can form inflammatory granulomas by leakage of gel and even the nodes can be affected.
-The scar is bigger, especially with larger size implants.

Implant Shape & Size

Implants come from various types and include;

Moderate Plus
High Profile

Examples of Sizings available for Saline Implants are:

Moderate Saline Implants
This style has a full, round look that adds greater dimension to the breast


High Profile Saline Implants
This round breast implant style has become extremely popular because it provides greater projection for a more prominent profile in a narrower chest wall. Mentor designed the Round High Profile Saline breast implant and was the first company to offer the approved high profile device.


An example of sizings available for Silicone Implants are:

Moderate Classic


High Profile

A higher projection, with moderate base width.


These are examples of sizings, but there are others available, you can discuss this with the nurse or doctor during your consultation.

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Your Comfort during Surgery

The procedure is done in a safe surgical setting under minimal sedation and a local anaesthetic, the 'awake' procedure / technique can even be done under only oral sedation. Painless but without the risks, discomfort and cost of general anaesthetic and you don't have to pay theatre fees. All our clients comment that this is comfortable and reassuring for them as they felt in control and were able to have more input to the final outcome of the surgery.

Breast Process


Commonly Asked Questions

Is breast enhancement the right procedure for me?

Breast Enhancement is a highly individualised procedure and you should do it for yourself, not to fulfill someone else's desires.

Breast Enhancement may be a good option for you if:
You are physically healthy.
You have realistic expectations.
Your breasts are fully developed.
You feel your breasts are too small.
You are dissatisfied with your breasts losing shape and volume after pregnancy, weight loss, or with aging.
Your breasts vary in size or shape.
One or both breasts failed to develop normally.


What will they look like after surgery?
Your breasts will be bigger, rounder, and project further forward. Under the muscle implants look more natural than above muscle implants; this is because there is tissue over the implant which will give them a more natural feel too.


Will I get stretch marks?
It depends on the size of the implant and how stretchy your skin is.  It is a possibility to have stretch marks when your breast implant size is quite large compared to your original sizing.


Is there a minimum or a maximum size I can get?
The size is proportionate to your body size, the laxity of your skin and the tension of your muscle.


How big is the scar?
Generally less then 3cm, the implant is inserted in the crease of the breast, this is a much smaller scar then other types of implant.


How much 'downtime' is there?
Most people need 5-7 days off work; this can vary according to each individual's pain tolerance.  If your work involves physical activity or lifting, you may need more rest.


How soon after can I exercise?
Walking 7-10 days, more vigorous exercise can be introduced slowly after 3-6 weeks.


Do I have to get them replaced every 10- 15 years?
NO, the saline implants that we use have a lifetime warranty. They have been designed to withstand extreme force. Should something happen to the implant during your lifetime, the company will replace the implant free of charge.


What happens if they leak?
You will notice straight away if a saline implant leaks. Saline implants are completely safe and there is no danger to you as it is only salty water which can be absorbed by the body. We choose saline because of its safety.  A gel or silicone implant would leak very slowly into the body cavity and you wouldn't notice straight away.


What type of implant do you use?
We preferentially use saline implants, this is because the scar is smaller, you will have a choice of variable size for each implant and you can correct left to right variations. There is no difference visually or to touch.


Will I still be able to breastfeed?
As the implant is placed under the pectoral muscles, it does not affect the mammary glands therefore allowing you to still be able to breast feed in the future.
Will breast enlargement/breast augmentation lead to cancer?
Breast enlargement or breast augmentation does not cause cancer. You can also still detect cancer. It has been said that women with implants touch their breast more, therefore early detection is better.

Celebrity Breast Enhancement- Under the muscle or over?

Kourtney Kardashian - under the muscle


Heidi Montag - above the muscle


Christina Aguilera - above the muscle


Pamela Anderson - above the muscle


Victoria Beckham - above the muscle


Amy Winehouse - above the muscle


Scarlett Johansson - under the muscle


Paris Hilton - above the muscle


Lindsay Lohan - under the muscle


Kelly Rowland - under the muscle



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